About Us

About Us

Estabilished in 2015 by Brook Lemma and Hulunayew Abera BLH electromechanical is a young, dynamic and innovative company that established to operate through high quality service in the field of Industrial Power Solutions (UPS, INVERTOR, DIESEL GENERATOR, Renewable Energy, Industrial Erection and so much more. We Providing industrial R&D projects, project designing, consultancy, and professional technical support, since it was established


Our aim is to develop ourselves by utilizing the opportunities provided by the developing technology in order to provide better services to our valued customers in the direction of our aims, to be an institution that is open to entrepreneurs and innovations. The satisfaction of our valued customers is at the forefront of what we value most. We aim to increase your service quality and provide you with the highest quality service you can get to ensure your satisfaction. We aim to keep ourselves up to date by keeping up with the developing technology. In this direction, both the administrative and the staff members attend meetings, seminars and trainings at certain intervals. Thanks to technical developments in the world, we want to learn how to serve you better and to adapt to it in the shortest possible time. We do not want our services to lose its update, and we will never want the contribution you give us to diminish. For this reason we are constantly updating and modernize our institution to support and assist your development. Never want to be left behind Always aim at the future. We have a growth target every year. We know that the institutions that are not updated are destined to disappear. For this reason, we update our technical equipment if we have a staff number in our institution and we continue to grow quantitatively. As an open institution for entrepreneurs and innovations, we aim to make our services more and more responsive. We are open to all kinds of developments and innovations that will contribute to our customers as well as ourselves. For this reason, we provide fast and high quality solutions to our customers in 20 countries with our sales and service network in the world. We are continuing our marketing activities in institutions and organizations by aiming to step everywhere in our country. As an organization that sees and thinks events and developments in a broader perspective rather than a narrow perspective, we always target the summit.


By keeping customer satisfaction on the front plan; It is to be a trustworthy organization that is sensitive to the environment, respects the relationship, offers quality and services to meet the needs of our customers, and has the aim of capturing excellence. We see mutual respect as the most important element in trade. For this reason, the most basic point among our missions is our respect for our bilateral relations with our customers. The expectations of our customers are important to us. It is our basic aim to produce services to meet their needs. Our customers, who are the only target of the service production which is the aim of our establishment, are in a very valuable and important position for us. Our aim is to provide services that are close to perfect by eliminating errors in services. We care about customer satisfaction and in this respect we step we take towards becoming a reliable organization. It is our greatest obligation to base our relations with our customers on mutual trust and to be the most reliable institution in the sector. We continue to shape and improve our work within the framework of our missions.

Our values

At BLH we believe that customers should be served in

  • Customer Service
  • Quality
  • Affordable
  • Best Technical Support
  • Passion
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Teamwork

Our Services