Diesel Generator

Regular diesel generator maintenance ensures security of power.  Whether your diesel generator is used for prime power generation or back-up emergency power generation, it’s critical that it’s capable of performing at full load, especially when called upon to run from stand-by mode due to mains failure at a moment’s notice.

At BLH, we class your generator as your primary asset and advise regular service and maintenance intervals to ensure that it’s kept at an optimum state of serviceability throughout its life cycle.

The importance of performing routine service and maintenance can mitigate unnecessary expense and save time and money on costly upgrades or on replacing the entire generator in the future.

When carrying out service and/or 6 monthly inspections our engineers note any faults, leaks, wear & tear and any other items that may need addressing on the service/inspection sheets, which will be sent to you with a quotation to rectify them.

Within the generator maintenance service contract we can include the following:

  • Battery inspection and the cleaning of connections
  • Replace fuel & oil filters, oil and coolant top up and or change
  • Change fan belts as and when required
  • Removal and replacement of worn parts
  • Fuel level monitoring
  • Fuel polishing and conditioning. Recommended once a year, but this depends on fuel stored
  • Load bank testing. Recommended once a year
  • Control panel reading and indicator verification

We can recommend a service package to suit your requirement and schedule the generator maintenance at your convenience and, where possible, in line with the engine manufacturers’ recommendations.