Industrial Machineries

  • We will work with you from the very beginning to ensure your plant installation or machinery relocation project is fully planned and documented for a safe and successful completion.
  • Using a complete range of available techniques, plant and equipment we can  overcome any machinery installation or plant relocation challenge.
For a brand new machinery installation, we will liaise with you and the equipment manufacturer to ensure the work is completed with as little disruption to your existing operations as possible

Some of the services we provide during a machine installation or relocation project:

  • Full survey of the existing installation, taking levels and alignment checks where necessary.
  • Match-marking and documenting interface points to be dismantled, thereby ensuring an efficient reconstruction.
  • Decommissioning of the equipment and removal of the relevant mechanical and electrical services.
  • Stripping back or modifying and making safe the remaining service lines.
  • Removal of supporting structures (platforms, walkways, etc.), floor, ceiling and wall fixings.
  • Reconfiguration of original platforms & walkways, etc. to suit the new location (or complete re-fabrication where the original structures are no longer suitable).
  • Safe and secure packaging for machinery & ancillaries as necessary for transportation.
  • Plant & machinery relocation, loading, transportation, unloading and final re-positioning.
  • Re-assembly, including lining, leveling and installation of new services runs.
  • New machinery installations including collaboration with OEM vendors as required.